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Our posts promote inclusiveness and do not disparage anyone based on gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or culture. We do not tolerate hate speech or personal attacks.

We are home to The Backlog, a video game zine with a crafted essay designed around a specific video game.

Mission Statement

Maze Rats sees games as psychological, physical, and emotional experiments in which we volunteer to participate. We look at the intersection of the arts and sciences by publishing articles about community gatherings, such as conventions, conferences, and exhibitions; publications, such as popular websites and archived magazines; and research, such as academic articles and essays.

Our mission is to help the world better understand video games and the people who play them while coming from the perspective of the people who play them. This includes discussing scholarly work on the medium, creating databases and resources that can be easily shared, and in telling human stories. We hope to turn this information into something palatable to the public while still maintaining academic integrity. Our goal is to offer free video game education to the world, elevate discussions beyond the level of consumer reporting (i.e. there is more to video game writing than just reviews), and to improve the quality of rhetoric in the medium so that we can have more meaningful conversations.


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Photo: “Rat Race” by 19melissa68. Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution NonCommercial License.

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