The Atlantic Article Written on an Emulated Mac

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Internet Archive’s Macintosh collection. Adrienne LaFrance covers technology for The Atlantic and recently wrote about her own experiences with the Macintosh emulator.

LaFrance writes the first couple of paragraphs of the article in MacWrite on the emulated desktop environment before having to start over because there’s no way to cut-paste. A large portion of her article interviews Jason Scott, the archivist at the Internet Archive who is responsible for such collections as “The Malware Museum” and “Internet Arcade“, which includes over 600 playable arcade games.

One issue Scott mentions is that users don’t know if slow performance is caused by the emulator or if that was how it originally played. “The main one was Dark Castle,” Scott told LaFrance. “Everyone remembers Dark Castle because it was a particularly well-made, good-looking game—but not even a fun one, I want to point out! People playing it on the Mac emulation are not happy. There are reviews.”

The full article—titled “What It’s Like to Use an Original Macintosh in 2017“—can be found at The Atlantic.

LaFrance has covered other tech nostalgia pieces, such as an article that covers popular websites in 1995 and “The First-Ever Banner Ad on the Web”.

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