The Backlog

The Backlog is a zine where we pick a single game that deserves your attention, and we craft a focused essay around it.

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Available Issues

01: Rogue Agents

Rogue Agents CoverReleased July, 2016

This issue covers ToeJam and Earl for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and its “roguelike-like” nature. It even discusses one of the creators, Gary Johnson, and the new ToeJam and Earl game.

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02: Not Just Hell

Not Just Hell CoverReleased August, 2016

This issue covers Papers, Please and discusses the role of art and entertainment to cover a wide swath of human emotions, not just “joy” and “excitement”.

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03: In Review

Released September, 2016

This month’s issue of The Backlog takes a look at the mixed critical reception for A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (1989). The main essay also takes a look at why reviews for the same game can be so different.

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04: Under the Influence

Released October 31, 2016

This issue of The Backlog discusses the Source modification The Hidden (2005) and uses mods as an example of how the influences that we have over each other are more viral than we imagine.

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05: Fortunate Son

Released June 14, 2017

Wall Street Kid for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) illustrates privilege, the impact of Reaganomics, and Japanese perceptions of American greed.

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06: Spoiler Warning: Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2

Released August 2, 2017

In a new series of The Backlog called “Spoiler Warning”, we explore the Metal Gear franchise for those who don’t want to invest the time or have already beaten the games and want to join the conversation.

In the first issue of The Backlog Presents Spoiler Warning, we’ll look at the story, themes, and “WTF?” of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX2 computer system.

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