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SXSW 2017 Gaming Award Winners

The 2017 South by Southwest Gaming Awards have been released, and the winners are listed below or available here.

Uncharted 4 took the “Video Game of the Year” and “Most Memorable Character”. Doom and Battlefield 1 took several awards, including “Excellence in Musical Score” and “Excellence in Gameplay” (Doom) and “Excellence in SFX” and “Excellence in Technical Achievement” (Battlefield 1).

Other noteworthy awards include “”Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award” (That Dragon, Cancer), which awards games that challenges that  “best challenges the ‘norm’ of everyday gaming and offers a culturally innovative view of a game world, character, or gameplay” (source). You can find more information about the criteria behind the awards here.

The awards were presented on March 18, 2017 at the Hilton Grand Ballroom in Austin, Texas. The awards were sponsored by IGN and Imaginary Forces; they were hosted by WWE performer Xavier Woods and Twitch streamer OMGitsfirefoxx. Continue reading SXSW 2017 Gaming Award Winners

Group Solves Incredibly Obtuse WoW Puzzle

A group of players in the Emerald Dream realm of World of Warcraft completed an extremely difficult process (a lot of which involved brute force and luck) that unlocked a boss across all realms in the region. After the boss was released, the following chat message was shown to all players in the region:

Azeroth itself recoils as <Evalyn> unleashes an ancient evil. Kosumoth the Hungering walks the land once more…

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