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Danny O’Dwyer on the Problems with Games Journalism

Danny O’Dwyer left GameSpot in September 2016 in order to create a documentary series. The first episode on Rocket League is currently available. However, he also released a video essay explaining his issues with games journalism and the type of video game coverage that is the most popular.

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Virtual Reality in Psychology

In Joe Donnelly‘s most recent entry in Vice Gaming‘s “Mental Health Bar” series, Research Professor Albert “Skip” Rizzo talks about the medical applications of virtual reality games.

Rizzo is Director for Medical Virtual Reality at the University of Southern California. He mostly works with VR and post-traumatic stress disorder, but has also found applications in helping people with autism and ADHD.

Donnelly’s article covers Rizzo’s research and details how it works. He describes Bravemind, a total conversion mod of Full Spectrum Warrior created at USC that Rizzo uses for his post-traumatic stress patients and discusses how VR entering the consumer market has helped curb expenses.

Donnelly’s previous article in the “Mental Health Bar” series covered games by the indie developer Eli Piilonen, whose games often deal with clinical depression.

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Giant Beast Academy

Giant Bomb’s East coast offices (aka “Giant Beast“) released what appears to be the first video of a series called Beast Academy. In the video, Alex Zandra Van Chestain directs the Giant Bomb staff (Vinny Caravella, Alex Navarro, and Dan Ryckert) through Construct 2, an affordable tool for creating 2D games.

Giant Bomb has not responded about whether or not this will be a regular feature.

A free download of Construct 2 can be found here.