Danny O’Dwyer Crowdfunds Video Game Documentary Series

Games personality and videographer Danny O’Dwyer recently left Gamespot and launched a Patreon campaign to help fund Noclip, a  series of short-form documentaries about video games, the “30 for 30 of video games”, as he says. As of this article, $14,685/month of the requested $15,000/month has been funded and the Patreon only launched yesterday.

According to the trailer video, O’Dwyer says:

“Gamer’s deserve our media that reflects our passions, a press that uses its access to tell stories about how games get made, the people who play them, and the ways in which they reflect our lives—stories that make us proud to be gamers.”

The title, “Noclip”, refers to the “no clipping” feature that is usually a debug setting for video games that allows the player to walk through all in-game objects, including walls and other barriers. O’Dwyer says, “With [Noclip], we’re going to walk through gaming’s walls and take a peek at the other side.”

Between 2002 and 2007, G4 had a documentary series called Icons that did a great job covering the history of the video game industry. O’Dwyer says that he wants to also include Twitch streamers, professional gamers, and smaller communities, which would make his videos closer to something like Vice than Icons.

While there is currently no URL for a website, the description on the above trailer lists Noclip as a “gaming channel”, which means that it might only exist on YouTube and other streaming video sites.

featured image from a teaser trailer posted to the Noclip channel on 9/10/16

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