Early Macintosh Emulation on Internet Archive

On April 16, 2017, Jason Scott at the Internet Archive posted a blog article about a collection titled “Software Library: Macintosh“, which includes certain software from 1984-89. Clicking on any of those titles opens the desktop of an emulated version of MacOS System 6 or 7 along with an executable file for the available software. Games include Rogue (pictured above), Fokker Triplane Simulator, Dark Castle, Frogger, Space Invaders, and others. The collection also includes several non-game applications, such as MacPaint v1.5 and MacWrite 4.5. Check out the collection here.

The article also includes links to other resources, such as this collection of MacWorld magazine and a link to their Software Library that includes several other pieces of emulated computer software.

The Internet Archive also has a lengthy collection of console games and arcade games. In 2003 and 2006, the Internet Archive famously received exemptions for the Digital Millennium and Copyright Act, which prevents the copying of intellectual property and the circumventing of anti-piracy technologies. The argument, according to the Internet Archive, was that certain media (such as magnetic tapes and cassettes) have a 10-30 year lifespan that would soon render those physical media useless and the content needed to be archived in a redundant fashion.

featured image from Rogue emulated on the Internet Archive, and believed to be used in accordance with fair use

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