Group Solves Incredibly Obtuse WoW Puzzle

A group of players in the Emerald Dream realm of World of Warcraft completed an extremely difficult process (a lot of which involved brute force and luck) that unlocked a boss across all realms in the region. After the boss was released, the following chat message was shown to all players in the region:

Azeroth itself recoils as <Evalyn> unleashes an ancient evil. Kosumoth the Hungering walks the land once more…

image from Wowhead

The process, as described by Philip Kollar for Polygon, started out as players went searching for an item that was hinted at in 2007—the Reigns of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph. No one has found this “big pink bird” Kollar says, and no one knows if they ever will. But in searching for this bird, a group found a series of dark orbs, found a way to interact with these orbs, and found the exact order in which they must interact with them. The map above shows the locations of the dark orbs. Then, once these difficult-to-find orbs were activated in the correct order, the above message appeared and the boss, Kosumoth the Hungering, awoke for players to fight.

In a Reddit description of the events, drfievel thanked the following players for helping to unearth Kosumoth:

  • iCoffeeMan for linking the hidden orbs together
  • Kellathon for discovering how to activate them
  • Blackfaded for organizing the final search
  • arandumdude for discovering the pebble map
  • and all the others on Wowhead who scoured the lands finding the caves.


PCGamesN also covered the event and describes how overcrowding of the resources necessary are preventing a lot of players from accessing the orbs. A Reddit user named “outcomeofcum” talked with the player who activated the final orb, Evalyn, and discovered the server where this originally happened. Other publications have also covered the event, including Daily Dot and IGN. And this originally happened because of communication between the users of the forums at Wowhead.


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