IGN Hiring Editors, Marketing, Engineers, etc.

Last week, IGN released a press release announcing openings for the positions of “Associate Editor – PC” and “Associate Editor – Gameplay” along with several marketing, engineering, and quality assurance positions. The position of “Associate Editor – Gameplay” will focus on covering speedruns, esports, and “highly skilled casual players”. For Maze Rats readers who are more interested in gaming communities and personal interest stories, this position specifically will be following. The press release also mentions that IGN is always looking for new freelancers.

Click here for the complete job listings.

IGN started in 1996 as Imagine Games Network. In 2005, IGN was purchased by News Corp for $650 million (source). In 2011, IGN Entertainment acquired UGO Entertainment (owners of 1UP.com) from Hearst Corporation (source). In 2013, News Corp sold IGN Entertainment to Ziff Davis (source). Ziff Davis was known as the publishers behind Electronic Gaming Monthly and ZDTV, a cable channel that eventually became Tech TV and then G4. News Corp is known for owning FOX News, among others.

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