Jeremy Parish Leaves USgamer

In a Letter From the Editor on December 20th, Jeremy Parish—Editor-in-Chief since May 2014—announced his exit from USgamer. He mentions this is due to personal reasons and that he is still on good terms with everyone. He will be training the new Editor-in-Chief, Kat Bailey, to take his place.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Parish started as Senior Editor of back in 2003. During the “Death of EGM“, which occurred in 2010 when Ziff Davis sold 1UP to the Hearst Corporation and cancelled Electronic Gaming Monthly, Parish was one of the storied editors that was let go.

Parish is well-known for his retro gaming podcast, Retronauts, which started as a podcast in 2008 and separated from 1UP in 2013. Parish states in his letter that he wants to “properly document the history of video games” (source).

featured image from “1UP Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2” from 1UP and believed to be used in accordance with fair use

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