League of Legends 10th Anniversary Community Guide

Riot GamesLeague of Legends celebrated their tenth anniversary on September 12th with the above video. In honor of that achievement, we’ve created a list of League of Legends sites, community boards, and news articles celebrating Riot Games’ achievement.

Community Sites

  • MOBAFire
    • Global Rank: 1,863
    • The premiere website for guides and champion “builds”, which help players learn about the different playable characters without having to experiment. Main site for the MOBAFire Network.
  • Champion.GG
    • Global Rank: 3,152
    • Purely a statistical analysis website, Gampion.GG collects information about different champion wins, losses, use, etc. While not as specifically helpful as a build guide, these stats tell a lot about worldwide player patterns, which can be useful in the metagame.
  • LOLKing
  • ProBuilds
    • Global Rank: 4,114
    • A build site that also lists professional players’ builds. ProBuilds is part of the SoloMid Network.
  • LOLNexus
    • Global Rank: 4,784
    • LOLNexus allows you to view live games, search for players in games that are currently happening, and post to their community message boards. They are also owned by Curse, Inc., which is a company that was purchased in August 2016 by Amazon subsidiary Twitch.
  • ChampionSelect
    • Global Rank: 5,306
    • A Reddit style webpage that allows users to post tips and then vote them up or down based on how useful they find the advice. ChampionSelect is part of the SoloMid Network.
  • League of Legends Counter
    • Global Rank: 12,168
    • Posts detailed statistics about which champions counteract other champions. LOL Counter is part o the SoloMid Network.
  • The Rift Herald
    • Global Rank: 101,906
    • A frequently updated news site dedicated to League updates, e-sport coverage, and community articles. Part of the SB Nation sports network, which is owned by VOX Media.
  • SoloMid
    • Global Rank: 104,903
    • A collection of build guides for champions and, ironically, one of the least popular websites on the SoloMid Network.
  • News of Legends
    • Global Rank: 159,233
    • An infrequently updated news site dedicated to League updates and champions. Also, it is the least popular site on the SoloMid Network next to TSMPro, a Counter-Strike; Global Offensive site.
  • Liquid Legends
  • LOLClass
    • Global Rank: 332,932
    • A personal blog that posts League news and videos. Hasn’t been updated since May 2016 and the last news article is from 2015.

Other Groups

10th Anniversary News

If you know of any other resources, please post them in the comments and we’ll try to add them to this list.

featured image taken from Riot Games’ 10th anniversary trailer

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