LGBTQ Games Archive to expand

In a recent interview with Technically PhillyAdrienne Shaw (assistant professor in the Department of Media Studies and Production at Temple University) recently said that she will be using recently awarded fellowship funds to expand the LGBTQ Video Game Archive, a curated resource of information about LGBTQ content in digital games.

Shaw has been adding to the archive since 2015, although the article mentions that her work goes back to 2006 with an article in Games and Culture called “Putting the Gay in Games“.  She also said that the fellowship has allowed her to spend more time researching games to add to the collection.

Another one of Shaw’s goals is to implement Omeka. Currently, the archive uses WordPress. Omeka is designed specifically for collections. Popular users are museums and library collections.

A recent Gamasutra article points out that Shaw is a guest blogger for their site and has written several articles about LGBTQ representation in video games.

For more information, check out the sites and sources below.

featured image from the LGBTQ Video Game Archive



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