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How Maze Rats Uses Social Media

or “How Bronson O’Quinn Misuses Social Media”

Last night I signed up for a Tumblr account. It’s 2018. I’m currently adopting a child from China and spending almost every waking hour figuring out the best way to make money. So when I had a few spare minutes, instead of playing a video game or reading one of the hundred-or-so books I’ve stockpiled to read—or getting a nap—I made a Tumblr account.

Here it is.

And as a fun surprise, I posted the full text of my very first zine, Rogue Agents. Even though the platform is designed for short, simple posts, I uploaded my 1,700 word love letter to a quirky Sega Genesis game.

I regret nothing.

This reminded me that not all of my readers are aware of my web presence. So here’s a short list of my social media accounts, as well as the strange ways that I use these platforms.


All of the longer, original essays are cross-posted to Medium as well as recent issues of The Backlog. Eventually, I’ll go back and repost old issues, too.

The nice thing about Medium is that it looks like a legit publication. But it’s not. It’s a social media platform owned by Twitter that just happens to look like a news publication. You’ve probably seen friends post articles connected to Medium and confused it with Vox or Vice, or The Hill, or whatever.

Once the glamor fades away, Medium turns out to be a useful tool for reading long-form articles. Plus, since it’s a social media site (and, once again, not news), it’s easy to find voices with large platforms who have interesting things to say.

Currently, Maze Rats only has a channel for Maze Rats Asks, our infrequent survey zine. But I have a personal Medium page with several more essays, some copied from here.


I rarely Tweet. Most of my posts are linked to my Twitter account.

In all honesty, here is how I use Twitter. This will make me sound like a little, old man: I use a third-party service called Nuzzel. Nuzzel is tied into my Twitter account. Every day, Nuzzel looks at the most popular articles from people I follow and then compiles a “Top 10” list. Then—and here’s the best aprt—Nuzzel sends me this list through email.

That’s right: I use Twitter via email. I don’t post much, I tend to follow video game journalists whose writing I admire, so I get those articles daily in my Inbox.


Not to be ageist, but it shouldn’t be surprising that I, a 31-year-old, spend more time on Facebook than any other platform. I spend the most time on my personal page. But I also have an author page and a page for Maze Rats.

For Maze Rats, all of our articles are shared.


So, to sum it up, here are the social media accounts we use:

How do you use social media? Do you have any strange quirks, similar to what I wrote about Twitter? If so, please share!

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