New NoClip Documentary: Doom (2016)

The second documentary from NoClip came out on December 12, 2016. It tells the story behind 2016’s Doom, a modern take on the 1993 id shooter that changed the face of video games forever.

The first half of the two-part series includes interviews with some of the game’s developers: Marty Stratton (Game Director), Robert Duffy (Chief Technical Director), Hugo Martin (Creative Director). It also includes talks with artist for the original Doom, Kevin Cloud.

The second half of the documentary explores the game’s opening level and interviews Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton about the game’s tone, which eschewed the narrative-heavy approach of Doom III (2004).

In September, Danny O’Dwyer left GameSpot in order to create documentaries.  In late November, O’Dwyer explained that he wanted his documentaries to focus on quality production values instead of attention-grabbing “clickbait”.

Update: December 14, 2016: It turns out that the Doom documentary is in three parts. Below is the third part.

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