Final Fantasy XIV Documentary Explores Hubris, Failure, & Redemption

NoClip has released their newest series of documentaries on Final Fantasy XIV (2010, 2013). FFXIV is an MMORPG that had a bumpy launch and received a large backlash from the gaming press as well as fans. In an effort to maintain their reputation, Square Enix opted to completely recreate the game from scratch over the course of three years. This documentary uncovers why the game underwhelmed their fans, how the company responded, and how they went about saving the franchise.

Danny O’Dwyer interviewed several key members of the Final Fantasy XIV dev team, including English Language Localization Lead Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, Engineering Team Leader Hideyuki Kasuga, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, and Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida.

You can view all of NoClip’s videos on YouTube. You can view all videos in the Final Fantasy XIV series here.

The Atlantic Article Written on an Emulated Mac

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Internet Archive’s Macintosh collection. Adrienne LaFrance covers technology for The Atlantic and recently wrote about her own experiences with the Macintosh emulator.

LaFrance writes the first couple of paragraphs of the article in MacWrite on the emulated desktop environment before having to start over because there’s no way to cut-paste. A large portion of her article interviews Jason Scott, the archivist at the Internet Archive who is responsible for such collections as “The Malware Museum” and “Internet Arcade“, which includes over 600 playable arcade games. Continue reading The Atlantic Article Written on an Emulated Mac

Oregon Trail: A Postmortem

Don Rawitsch, co-creator of classic computer game Oregon Trail, gave a postmortem on the game at the 2017 Game Developer’s Conference.

The 2017 Game Developer’s Conference lasted from February 27 to March 3 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. More videos can be found at the GDC YouTube channel.

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Giant Bomb’s New Hires: Abby Russell & Ben Pack

Giant Bomb recently announced two new hires: Ben Pack at their San Francisco office and Abby Russell at their New York office.

Ben Pack has interned at Giant Bomb when they were a wholly owned company under the umbrella of Whiskey Media. He started in 2011 and talked about it on a blog post at Sidequesting. Pack is an Editor and has already been featured in Quick Look’s for games such as The Signal from Tölva and The Surge.

Abby Russell is an Associate Producer and sat in with the regulars of The Giant Beastcast in Episode 103.

Communities are talking about this at NeoGAF and at Waypoint‘s new forums.

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IGN Hiring Editors, Marketing, Engineers, etc.

Last week, IGN released a press release announcing openings for the positions of “Associate Editor – PC” and “Associate Editor – Gameplay” along with several marketing, engineering, and quality assurance positions. The position of “Associate Editor – Gameplay” will focus on covering speedruns, esports, and “highly skilled casual players”. For Maze Rats readers who are more interested in gaming communities and personal interest stories, this position specifically will be following. The press release also mentions that IGN is always looking for new freelancers.

Click here for the complete job listings.

IGN started in 1996 as Imagine Games Network. In 2005, IGN was purchased by News Corp for $650 million (source). In 2011, IGN Entertainment acquired UGO Entertainment (owners of from Hearst Corporation (source). In 2013, News Corp sold IGN Entertainment to Ziff Davis (source). Ziff Davis was known as the publishers behind Electronic Gaming Monthly and ZDTV, a cable channel that eventually became Tech TV and then G4. News Corp is known for owning FOX News, among others.

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Early Macintosh Emulation on Internet Archive

On April 16, 2017, Jason Scott at the Internet Archive posted a blog article about a collection titled “Software Library: Macintosh“, which includes certain software from 1984-89. Clicking on any of those titles opens the desktop of an emulated version of MacOS System 6 or 7 along with an executable file for the available software. Games include Rogue (pictured above), Fokker Triplane Simulator, Dark Castle, Frogger, Space Invaders, and others. The collection also includes several non-game applications, such as MacPaint v1.5 and MacWrite 4.5. Check out the collection here.

The article also includes links to other resources, such as this collection of MacWorld magazine and a link to their Software Library that includes several other pieces of emulated computer software.

Continue reading Early Macintosh Emulation on Internet Archive

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