SIEGE 2016 Panel Videos

The Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo (aka SIEGE) was October 7-9, 2016, and they recently posted videos of their panels online.

Below are some of the panels and seminars. The rest are available here.

Keynote – Myst Opportunities

Rand Miller—co-founder of Cyan Worlds, which developed Myst (1993)—talks about his passion for discovery and his future works.

Keynote – Personal Leadership

Nick Laing, senior producer at Turn 10 (creators of the Forza franchise), talks about the importance of personal leadership in all aspects of a business, not just management.

How to Not Get Into the Game Industry

Thomas Holt (Art Director at Hi-Rez Studios) moderates Scarlet Dangerfield (Talent Acquisition for Hi-Rez Studios), Sandy DiCocco (Chief Administrative Officer at Tripwire Interactive), Nick Laing, and Chris Rickwood (award-winning composer).

The panelists talk about the mistakes they made when getting into the games industry.

SIEGE is organized by the Georgia Game Developers Association. For more information, check out SIEGE’s website.

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