Summer Games Done Quick: Super Metroid Four-Player Race

Games Done Quick broadcasts live marathons of various video game speed runs. They collect money throughout the event for various charities. During their Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ), they collected $1,233,844.10 for Doctors Without Borders. You can view all of the speed runs from their event at their YouTube page.

Super Metroid (1994 SNES, Yoshio Sakamoto) is a side-scrolling, single-player action game in which the player controls an interplanetary bounty hunter named Samus Aran. The basic gameplay loop involves exploring enclosed sectors, killing enemies, and collecting power-ups that increase damage and improve mobility.

While Super Metroid is not a multi-player game, SGDQ created a competition where four players sat side-by-side and raced to finish the game. This also involves exploiting a lot of the game’s abilities in ways they weren’t necessarily intended.

Another thing worth noting for SGDQ is that they hold auctions for certain player-controlled choices during games. For example, the highest bidder on The Legend of Zelda gets to decide what name is entered at the beginning. In Super Metroid, the money is pooled between “Save the Animals” and “Kill the Animals”. At the end of Super Metroid, the player must escape from the planet as a timer ticks down. During this escape sequence, the player may enter a room and open a doorway for some friendly animals before finishing the game. During the video, the commentators will read comments left from donors that talk about “saving” or “killing” the animals.

The competitors

Video timeline

(spoilers in black, highlight to read)

  • speed run begins
    • 17m:10s
  • first player dies
    • 31:25
  • the animals are saved
    • 1:02:33
  • first player completes game
    • 1:02:57
  • second player dies
    • 1:03:31
  • last player completes game
    • 1:05:30

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