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Share URLs from Maze Rats or like them on social media. This is a passion project, so I just want people who might like this content to find it.

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My main project is The Backlog, a zine where I focus an essay around a particular game. It’s extremely pretentious and dorky, which is why I like doing it.

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If you can’t afford the price, you can find the complete issues on my Issuu page. You can also find the PDFs on each issue’s page, so feel free to print out copies and share them; you can even sell them as long as you aren’t a publisher who is making a significant amount of money.

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If you like this website or the zine, then send me your idea for an article and I’ll consider publishing it. I like supporting up-and-coming artists, although I can’t currently pay for articles. As I said, I’m not making money off this website either, otherwise I wouldn’t accept free articles.

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