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Final Fantasy XIV Documentary Explores Hubris, Failure, & Redemption

NoClip has released their newest series of documentaries on Final Fantasy XIV (2010, 2013). FFXIV is an MMORPG that had a bumpy launch and received a large backlash from the gaming press as well as fans. In an effort to maintain their reputation, Square Enix opted to completely recreate the game from scratch over the course of three years. This documentary uncovers why the game underwhelmed their fans, how the company responded, and how they went about saving the franchise.

Danny O’Dwyer interviewed several key members of the Final Fantasy XIV dev team, including English Language Localization Lead Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, Engineering Team Leader Hideyuki Kasuga, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, and Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida.

You can view all of NoClip’s videos on YouTube. You can view all videos in the Final Fantasy XIV series here.

International Gaming Documentary’s First Location: Ukraine

The first video by gaming documentary series Cloth Map will be about Ukraine, specifically focusing on Kiev. In the video, Drew Scanlon talks about exploring the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown on the nation’s culture, but he also says that an entire culture can’t be defined by a single event, so he wants to see what else Ukraine has to offer. Scanlon also discusses the Eurovision Song Contest, which he has tickets for and will attend, although it’s unclear if this is part of the documentary.

In the video, he says that he will start filming in a month, but he is doing preliminary research and wanted to announce early so that he could get as much feedback as possible about what people want to see. Continue reading International Gaming Documentary’s First Location: Ukraine

NoClip Presents: Rediscovering Mystery

Rather than focus on a single game, the new documentary by NoClip covers the idea of mystery in games, particularly those urban legends that quickly spread before the internet made such mysteries easy to prove or debunk.

The video interviews Jim Crawford (creator of Frog Fractions), Derek Yu (creator of Spelunky), and Jonathan Blow (designer of Braid).

featured image from “Rediscovering Mystery – Noclip Documentary (feat. Jonathan Blow / Derek Yu / Jim Crawford)” and is believed to be used in accordance with Fair Use

Danny O’Dwyer on the Problems with Games Journalism

Danny O’Dwyer left GameSpot in September 2016 in order to create a documentary series. The first episode on Rocket League is currently available. However, he also released a video essay explaining his issues with games journalism and the type of video game coverage that is the most popular.

Continue reading Danny O’Dwyer on the Problems with Games Journalism

Noclip’s First Documentary: Rocket League

In early September, Danny O’Dwyer left GameSpot in order to crowdfund a video game documentary series. After reaching well beyond his $10,000/month goal, O’Dwyer released a teaser that revealed the title of the series: Noclip. On October 31st, Noclip released their first documentary, a two-part film about Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League (2015).

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Danny O’Dwyer Crowdfunds Video Game Documentary Series

Games personality and videographer Danny O’Dwyer recently left Gamespot and launched a Patreon campaign to help fund Noclip, a  series of short-form documentaries about video games, the “30 for 30 of video games”, as he says. As of this article, $14,685/month of the requested $15,000/month has been funded and the Patreon only launched yesterday. Continue reading Danny O’Dwyer Crowdfunds Video Game Documentary Series