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Breitbart Leaks & the Terrorism of GamerGate

Joseph Bernstein’s article at Buzzfeed News—”Here’s How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream“—includes larger implications for the video game community. Bernstein creates a narrative from a series of leaked emails from Breitbart which show Steve Bannon giving directions to Milo Yiannopoulis regarding their white nationalist agenda. They also “out” several male members of the press who were secretly giving Breitbart ideas for articles.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article that showed how Bannon had been grooming supporters from World of Warcraft forums way back in 2005. Bernstein’s article includes a bit where Breitbart editor Alex Marlow is editing one of Yiannopoulos’ speeches and approves a joke about “shekels” but asked to remove a joke about gas chambers. The article shows how Yiannopoulos would push the limits and the higher-ups would reign him in. At any point that he hinted at their racist, misogynist, or nationalist agenda, they would have him reword and rephrase certain excerpts.

The article is extremely long and detailed, and includes several examples of this sort of careful planning and manipulation. But the most interesting part for video game communities is how seemingly “good” guys were actually feeding the hate machine. Continue reading Breitbart Leaks & the Terrorism of GamerGate

You Can’t Separate Politics from Video Games

Last week’s discussions surrounding NFL players kneeling during the national anthem has many people saying the same thing: keep politics out of football. Some articles have risen stating that football has always been involved with politics. In fact, this is true of all arts and entertainment, and video games are no exception.

Video games often comes under fire because of their graphic violence and unique modes of interactivity that differ from other mediums. This article was written before the tragic shooting in Las Vegas this past weekend. However, we believe that by looking at two case studies specific to video games, we will be better equipped for this conversation later on down the road.

For today, we’re going to take a look at two recent developments that demonstrate how keeping politics separated from video games is impossible.

Continue reading You Can’t Separate Politics from Video Games

“VICE Gaming” Becomes “Waypoint”

Austin Walker announced on October 18th via Twitter that VICE Gaming will officially be Waypoint as of October 28th, 2016.

The Waypoint Twitter account also revealed the full editorial staff, which includes Editor-in-Chief Austin Walker, Managing Editor Danielle Riendeau, Senior Editor Mike Diver, Senior Reporter Patrick Klepek, and Social Editor Danika Harrod.

Waypoint will launch at 12pm EST on Friday, October 28th.

featured image from VICE Gaming by Stephen Graham and believed to be used in accordance with fair use

“Vice Gaming” Potentially Changing Infrastructure

Vice Gaming's current header image is "On the importance of well designed, intuitive User Interfaces" by Stephen Maurice Graham
Vice Gaming’s current header image is “On the importance of well designed, intuitive User Interfaces” by Stephen Maurice Graham

VICE Media has had a “Gaming” section for over three years. But thanks to the recent hiring of Austin Walker from Giant Bomb as the Editor-in-Chief and Patrick Klepek from Kotaku as the Senior Reporter, rumors have been speculating about potential changes. One of the more interesting possibilities comes from a statement by Austin Walker on August 12th’s The Giant Beastcast saying that Vice will be launching a ‘whatever dot vice dot com’ later this year.” This could mean that Vice Gaming will be getting a separate subdomain, and hopefully a new Content Management System. Continue reading “Vice Gaming” Potentially Changing Infrastructure