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Virtual Tour of California Extreme

Cloth Map released a 360 degree video of California Extreme, one of the United States’ largest arcade and pinball expositions. On a computer screen, you can click and drag the mouse in order to look in a 360 degree arc around the camera, as well as up or down. On a phone, you can move the phone to look around. The video also supports Google Cardboard.

Drew Scanlon, founder of Cloth Map, walks with Steve Lin, founding board member of the Video Game History Foundation. They look at various machines while Lin explains eye-catching videos.

Cloth Map is a video series that explores how games affect communities around the world. Scanlon announced in April that their first in-depth documentary would be about Ukraine. While the Ukraine gaming documentary has yet to be released, Scanlon did release a video about his experience in Ukraine at Eurovision.

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Video Game History Foundation Preserves Cultural Artifacts

The Video Game History Foundation is seeking contributions through their Patreon campaign as well as at their website.

The mission of the Video Game History Foundation is to catalog, digitize, and preserve the history of video games. They were founded by Frank Cifaldi, Steve Lin, Simon Carless, Mike Mika, and Chris Melissinos. Steve Lin was recently on the Giant Bombcast alongside Mark MacDonald, who used to work at EGM and is a current of the 8-4 Play podcast.

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