Vector 2016 Seminars Free Online

Talks from Vector 2016 are currently available on YouTube. Vector is a conference for game developers held by Eastern Kentucky University’s Gaming Institute. In 2016 (its first year), Vector hosted industry speakers Dan Hsu, Lisa Brown, and Jerry Belich.

The Nuance of Juice Talk

In this video, Lisa Brown talks about “Juice”, a term she calls the polish and feedback elements that communicate information to the player. She discusses her game, Imaginal, and talks about when “juiciness” is necessary or gratuitous.

Lisa Brown is a game developer originally from Louisville, Kentucky who has “a passion for development streams and game design education through streaming” (source). She worked for Insomniac Games on such titles as Resistance 3 and Sunset Overdrive. She  is also heavily involved in game jams and “clever input mechanics”.

Future of Game Industry Panel

A panel about the future of video game trends, such as episodic content and virtual reality. Speakers include Jerry Belich, Lisa Brown, Jake Elliott, and Ben Kuchera.

Jake Elliott is a game developer and the writer/designer of Kentucky Route Zero (2013-2016).  He also runs the internet radio station NUMBERS.FM.

Ben Kuchera is the senior opinions editor for Polygon and has been reporting on video games for over ten years. He also lectures internationally on virtual and augmented reality.

Games, the Greatest Show on Earth

Jerry Belich discusses the growth of the video game industry and explores the power of video game storytelling.

Jerry Belich is the Vernon Wilson Endowed Chair in Game Design for EKU’s Gaming Institute. Since 2013, he has been independent and worked as a consultant for other indie companies. His focus is on storytelling.

Hey, Look at Me!

Dan Hsu talks about video game marketing. His unique perspective from both sides of the gaming press means that he has heard hundreds of pitches from game publishers as well as given plenty of his own.

Dan “Shoe” Hsu started out working for Electronic Gaming Monthly,eventually becoming the Editor in Chief, and is currently the Senior Manager Partner Alliance at Playstation.

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