Vector 2016

Eastern Kentucky University’s Gaming Institute is hosting Vector, a conference for game developers. It will include industry speakers, seminars, and an exhibition of the Institute’s student projects.

In addition to the Gaming Institute, Vector is held in collaboration with the Kentucky Innovation Network, Lexington-based nonprofit RunJumpDev, and TechBase 10, a network for IT professionals in Kentucky.

EKU made headlines over the past year for being the first university in the state of Kentucky to have a degree designed for game development. Since then, Bluegrass Community and Technical College has a Game Design track within their information science program, and Kentucky State now has a Bachelor of Science in “Digital Gaming, Entertainment, and Simulation”.

Industry speakers at the event will be Dan Hsu, Lisa Brown, and Jerry Belich.

Vector 2016 speakers Dan Hsu, Lisa Brown, Jerry Belich

Dan “Shoe” Hsu started out working for Electronic Gaming Monthly, eventually becoming the Editor in Chief, and is currently the Senior Manager Partner Alliance at Playstation.

Lisa Brown is a game developer originally from Louisville, Kentucky who has “a passion for development streams and game design education through streaming” (source). She worked for Insomniac Games on such titles as Resistance 3 and Sunset Overdrive. She  is also heavily involved in game jams and “clever input mechanics”.

Jerry Belich is the Vernon Wilson Endowed Chair in Game Design for EKU’s Gaming Institute. Since 2013, he has been independent and worked as a consultant for other indie companies. His focus is on storytelling.

Vector is on April 30, 2016. Entry is $25 early, $40 at the door. Visit their website for more information.

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