Waypoint’s New Website

Waypoint (formerly VICE Gaming), has launched their new website at waypoint.vice.com. As mentioned in a previous article, this will allow them more versatility in how they categorize and portion their content.


Their “above the fold” is relegated to a screen-width featured image for the latest (or possibly a stickied) post. Under that lies a full banner ad, “Latest” articles in reverse chronological order, an email subscription form, “Videos”, another banner ad, “Features”, and a third banner ad. This structure allows them to group types of articles (such as “Videos” or “Features”) regardless of content. Theoretically, this could allow them to have more vertically-oriented sections with different “types” of content, such as “Confessionals”, and that section would have the latest few articles of that type in their own section.

Another noticeable change is that articles have distinct categories. Instead of everything being categorized as “Gaming”, articles are listed as “Long Reads or Whatever”, Do It Yourself”, “The Games That Made Me”, and so on. A nice advantage is that “Videos” have their own category which labels the series in which the video is placed, such as “Pixel by Pixel” or “Waypoint Meets”.

What’s Missing

Currently, social media links are only available as “Share” links on articles. The site also has no proper footer, which usually contains links for “About”, “Contact”, or any ownership information. While these are almost certainly forthcoming, the original website (located at vice.com/gaming) is still available and information can be gathered from there.

The website also contains no forums or even a comments section under individual articles. In fact, scrolling down from one article to another leads to a mozaic of related article images and then the next article in the feed.

What’s in Store

While we can only speculate, VICE Media is generally known for high-quality video content, and VICE Gaming has been maintaining the production values of other VICE content with videos from Producers Nonuk WalterSebastian Ischer, and James Burns.

Written content generally lies in the “gonzo” style of first-person creative nonfiction that has come to dominate pop culture writing. And Austin Walker and Patrick Klepek are hosting the Waypoint podcast, which is currently still called “VICE Gaming’s New Podcast”.

Waypoint has also demonstrated a desire to stray from mainstream gaming publications by publishing content about gamers and why they play games. In his official announcement for Waypoint, Editor-in-Chief Austin Walker said:

We want to investigate how and why people play games through a combination of articles, live streams, podcasts, and videos. We want to make you think, laugh, and ask new questions. (source)

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